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Standing Rules

These Standing Rules are reviewed and updated periodically and approved at the BSUAOP Executive Board. 


Monthly Meetings 


  1. The Association will hold monthly meetings September through May. Monthly meetings may be held June through August if called by the President and based on work schedules. 

  2. Monthly meetings will be held to conduct business of the Association.

  3. Email may also be used to conduct business based on the needs of the Association.


Annual Meeting 


  1. The Annual Meeting of the Association shall occur at the end of the membership year. 

  2. Officers and Committee Chairs shall present a verbal report to the membership at the Annual Meeting and/or prepare a written report to be added to the last minutes of the membership year and a copy to be deposited with Albertsons Library Special Collections & Archives. 




  1. The membership year will run July 1 through June 30. 

  2. Active and Associate membership dues shall be $12 per year. Dues shall be collected each year with the Professional Development Day registration or shall be received through membership forms received any other time during the year and prorated at a $1 per month rate. 

  3. All elected and appointed officers and committee chairs must be members in good standing at the time of appointment. 

  4. Unless excused by the Executive Board, all elected officers of the Association are required to attend at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the monthly Board meetings. The Executive Board may appoint a qualified member of the Association to complete the term of office if an officer does not comply with the attendance requirement. Excused absences include work needs, sick leave or emergencies. 




  1. The official newsletter of the Association shall be named THE KEYNOTER. The newsletter shall be published as a PDF file a minimum of two (2), up to four (4) times per year. The newsletter shall be e-mailed as a PDF to all members of AOP and Albertsons Library ScholarWorks, where it will be archived and available online. A copy will be provided to Albertsons Library Special Collections & Archives at the end of each membership year as a historic record of the organization. 




  1. All expenses of the Association must be approved by the Executive Board. 

  2. All expenses must be documented with either a receipt or invoice for payment and reported on by the Treasurer at monthly meetings. 

  3. The Association may bear the expense of a guest meal for each prospective member invited to a luncheon by Member Representatives with approval by the Board. 

  4. NAEOP dues and annual conference and institute registration fees for delegates shall automatically be paid by the Association using a P-Card. (See Delegate to National and State Conferences section for definition of delegate.) This enables the Association to meet national affiliation requirements for delegates to the NAEOP Annual Meeting in July and provides national membership during the full term of office. Allowable expenses include conference and institute registration, food per diem (not including meals covered by conference registration), lodging, airfare, and ground transportation to and from hotel (could include rental car if circumstances warrant the necessity or this is the most economical means of transportation). (Travel Authorization forms must be completed and approved by the Association President or Scholarship Committee Chair PRIOR to any reservation/registration forms being submitted.) 

  5. NAEOP and IAEOP Conference and Institute registration fees for all other active members attending the conference may be available through scholarship application procedures. 

  6. Monetary Support for BSUAOP to attend the annual NAEOP conference may be requested from the VP of Finance for expenditures of the President (or their alternate), PSP recipients and other award nominees. Monetary support received from the VP of Finance is not part of the Scholarship Committee awarding responsibilities, but shall be distributed by the Executive Board. 

  7. Plaques and awards for both the Administrator of the Year and Employee of the Year shall be ordered by the Scholarship and Awards Committee Chair and paid with a P-card, coding the expense to BSUAOP. Plaques and awards shall be given following established Boise State University Purchasing Department guidelines. 

  8. A plaque for the outgoing President may be ordered by the President Elect and paid with a P-card, following Boise State Purchasing guidelines, and coded to BSUAOP. The President Elect may present the plaque at an Annual Meeting to the outgoing President upon the termination of her/his presidency. 

  9. A local account will be established/maintained with Boise State University for purposes of maintaining the treasury, depositing income, and paying expenses. 

  10. All travel expenses, purchases and expended funds approved by the Board and/or Scholarship & Awards Committee may be paid by the individual and reimbursed through the AOP Treasurer with appropriate receipts according to University policy. 


Scholarship/Award Guidelines 


Scholarship criteria will be outlined on the Scholarship Application form and approved by the Executive Board. Priority consideration will be given to applicants who are active members: committed to supporting the organization through their attendance at monthly luncheons and/or functions and their participation as an officer, committee chair or committee member. 


Scholarship funds are obtained through the following resources: 

Holiday Auction proceeds 

Carry over money not used the previous fiscal/academic year. 

Up to 50% of Holiday Auction and Carry Over funds my be used for scholarships and awards. 


Scholarship funds will be divided into three categories: 


  1. 80% will be reserved for IAEOP/NAEOP annual conference attendance. 

  2. 10% for Boise State University classes. Any number of scholarships for Boise State classes can be awarded to active members for up to $200 per person per year provided not more than 10% of the available scholarship funds are used. Scholarships for Boise State classes may include the credit fee (at the employee discounted rate) and/or books. 

  3. 10% other training courses/workshops offered by private or public training facilities (i.e. SkillPath, Fred Pryor, State of Idaho, etc.).Any number of scholarships for other training courses/workshops can be awarded to active members for up to $250 per person per year provided not more than 10% of the available scholarship funds are used. If there is more than one applicant who is eligible, the committee should consider lesser award amounts in order to divide the available funds between the eligible applicants. 


Available scholarship funds will be based on remaining funds after an average cost expenditure of signature events sponsored by AOP is determined on a yearly basis. 


The total scholarship funds awarded cannot be more than the available funds in this category. Any unused funds in categories 2 and 3 that are not expended during the year can be used for IAEOP and NAEOP conference scholarships if needed. 


Provided funds are available and not needed for scholarships to IAEOP and/or NAEOP, some scholarship funds should be reserved for the annual Administrator of the Year and Office Professional of the Year awards. The amounts given for these awards shall follow established guidelines of the Boise State University Purchasing Department. 


Any funds remaining at the end of the fiscal year will be considered carry over and can be used to fund scholarships and events for the following year. 

For more information on scholarships, visit the BSUAOP Scholarship website.




  1. BSUAOP shall affiliate each year with the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) and the Idaho Association of Educational Office Professionals (IAEOP). BSUAOP shall maintain current affiliation requirements. 

  2. BSUAOP will pay IAEOP and NAEOP affiliation fees for Past Association Leaders of BSUAOP (PALS). 

  3. Affiliate membership due dates and costs will be identified at the beginning of each membership year. 

  4. All affiliate memberships will be included in the minutes of the monthly meeting following application and acceptance in state and national organizations. 


Delegate to National and State Conferences 


  1. The current President shall be the official delegate to the NAEOP Annual Conference. Conference and Institute Registration fees, including annual dues, will automatically be paid by use of the P-card and coded to the BSUAOP account. In the event the current President is unable to attend, the Executive Board will vote on a replacement delegate. 

  2. The Immediate Past President of PALs shall be the official delegate to the NAEOP Annual Conference for PALs. Conference and Institute Registration fees, including annual dues, will automatically be paid by use of the P-card and coded to the BSUAOP account. In the event the Immediate Past President is unable to attend, the Executive Board will vote on a replacement. 

  3. The current President shall be the official delegate to the IAEOP Annual Spring Conference. Conference Registration and annual dues will automatically be paid by use of the P-card and coded to the BSUAOP account. In the event the President is unable to attend, the President-Elect shall be the official delegate. 


Annual Events 


  1. A Professional Development Day shall be held each year that is open to campus and community participation. 

  2. A Holiday Auction shall be held in November each year. 

  3. A Bosses Breakfast shall be held each year that is open to the campus community.


Bylaws Revision 


  1. In the event the BSUAOP Bylaws need revision, the President will require a vote of approval from the Board to begin the process. Once draft revisions are presented, the board will vote to accept the draft revisions and if approved, the draft revisions will be sent to the membership for comment and vote. 


BSUAOP Standing Rules 

Revised 2/2014 

Revised 4/2017 

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