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Instructions to Apply for a BSUAOP Scholarship

  1. ​The Scholarship Committee is appointed to a one-year term by the President of BSUAOP. The committee makes its recommendations to the BSUAOP Executive Board who then makes the final decision. 

  2. If applying for a scholarship for Boise State tuition, it is limited to a maximum of $5.00 per credit hour plus the registration fee. (This arrangement allows for the tuition waiver available to Boise State employees.) Applicants should apply for the tuition waiver offered to Boise State employees. Forms are available from the Boise State Human Resources website. 

  3. Scholarship checks will be paid to the order of the educational institution unless the original receipt is submitted for reimbursement. Scholarship applications for attending institutions other than BSU will be negotiated. 

  4. Scholarships are available, but not limited to, the following: BSUAOP Professional Development Day, Idaho Association of Educational Office Professionals (IAEOP) annual conference, National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) annual conference, NAEOP Professional Development Day and workshops provided by other organizations. 

  5. The following criteria will be used in determining eligibility in awarding scholarships:


  • Recipient must be a participating member in good standing with BSUAOP.

  • Priority will be given to members working on PSP certification.

  • Awards will be given for courses working toward a degree/PSP certificate and courses related to advancing or affirming training or skills in educational office positions.

  • Participation and office held in BSUAOP will be considered. 

  • Persons taking a course advancing their educational office position should show relevancy of course to position held at Boise State. 

  • Courses of personal interest are excluded.

Fill out the Scholarship application and submit it to

For more information contact the Association of Office Professionals at

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