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Office Professional
of the Year




  • Candidate must be a current BSUAOP active member.

  • Candidate must currently be employed in an educational office professional type position.​

  • Candidate must have been employed as an office professional for a minimum of five (5) years in an educational institution, agency, public or private school, college or university.

    • This does not have to be solely at Boise State but must be an educational type institution.

Nomination Requirements:

  • Education

    • This can mean degrees or extensive training, conferences, etc.

  • PSP/CEOE Certification

    • A person does not have to have the certification(s) but will score higher if they do. This is earned through NAEOP.

  • Inservice Courses Completed

    • Other than education; Training, workshops, etc.

  • Membership/Leadership Roles in Professional Associations

    • This can be any professional association. It does not have to be solely AOP.

  • Community Activities (areas of impact in addition to education)

    • Any work or volunteering they do in their community, can include volunteer work in the Boise State community.

  • Letter of Recommendation of sponsoring/nominating individual

    • This is one of the three letters required

  • Letters of Recommendation (minimum of two)

    • At least one recommendation must come from outside the nominees department.

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